Timeline of the Registration Process & Required Documents

Average time to register for the Overflow List: ~1-7 days

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Overflow List responsibilities, how the Overflow List works, and how it can help people become members of Local 480.  (40 Minutes)
  2. Round up the required files and register an Overflow Account.  (20 Minutes)
  3. Wait for your registration to be reviewed by office staff. You’ll be notified about the decision via e-mail.  (1-2 Bus. Days)
  4. Once your account has been verified, log back in to the website and take both online classes (even if you’ve already taken one or both of them) which are available on this site as soon as you can log into your account.  (5 Hours)
  5. When you’re eligible to be on the Overflow List, you’ll see a green banner across the bottom of the page. Click it and follow the directions for requesting Overflow status.

Documents Required for Registering an Overflow Account

During the account registration process, you will be asked to upload files containing the following documents required by IATSE Local 480. These can be a scanned image, a Word .docx file, a .pdf, or even a photo, if it is totally clear and legible. All registration submissions are reviewed before an account is granted. If your submission contains a document we can’t read, it will be denied and you’ll have to submit a new registration with the issue corrected.

Have digital images of these documents ready. You will upload them during your account registration:

  1. Current New Mexico Driver’s License
  2. 1st Letter of Recommendation (from anyone)


  3. 2nd Letter of Recommendation (from anyone)
  4. Proof of experience in your craft (if necessary)


  1. New Mexico EMT Certification*
  2. New Mexico CPR Certification

Studio Teachers

  1. Your current NM Teacher’s License (NM Substitute Teacher license does not satisfy the requirement)

Transfers/Dual Cards

  1. A copy of your current IATSE membership card.

* We require an EMT certification because only EMT certifications allow medics to operate without being attached to a specific brick-and-mortar location. Any level of EMT certification will do, from Basic on up.