Overflow Info

What Does it Mean to be on the Overflow List?

Being listed on the Overflow List is the first step toward becoming a member of IATSE Local 480, even if you’ve been a member before.

Overflow, or the Overflow List, is a list of people who have expressed the desire to work within the film industry in New Mexico under one of Local 480’s covered crafts, but who have not yet met  the requirements of full membership.

Local 480 represents professionals who already work in the film industry and, though this means that there aren’t any programs directly designed to get non-professionals into the industry, what we do have is the Overflow List. Even someone who only has experience in their craft, though no set experience, can use Overflow to get the days worked on set that are required to become a member.

Although people on Overflow occasionally get work via e-mail blasts, we want to stress that most Overflow work is short and sparse. The Overflow List is certainly not a way to get consistent work. If your experience is different than this, please know that you are an exception, not the trend.

Here’s how it works:

If a production cannot find members in one of our covered crafts who are available to work, we’ll send them a list of Overflow people for that craft and they will hire off of it, or we’ll send a blast out to the Overflow List and individuals can reply with a resume. Except in very uncommon scenarios, unless this has happened, members must have permission from the Business Agent to hire off of the Overflow list.