Member Benefits

Benefits & Other Programs Available to Members of IATSE Local 480

Emergency Loan Program

Any member who is eligible for the privileges of membership to apply for a loan, has been a 480 member for at least one full year, and has not defaulted on a previous loan. can request an emergency loan. The maximum amount that a member can request has increased to $1500. However, any request for a loan between $501 and $1500 will require the applicant to provide more details on the need for the loan, and the applicant may be asked to have a conversation with the Secretary Treasurer.

The loan itself is administered by our credit union, with collateral provided by funds from the Local. Members have one year to pay off the loan, at no interest. If a member defaults on a loan, the credit union makes itself whole from the collateral fund, and then the default amount is added to the member’s account with Local 480. A member who has defaulted on a loan is not eligible for another loan.

Download 2018 Emergency Welfare Loan Application


Death Benefit for Your Family

The family or estate of any recently-deceased Local 480 member is given $1,000 from the Local’s funds to assist with expenses related to their death.

Extra Accidental Death Insurance

The Local has an arrangement with American Income Life for a free $2500 accidental death/dismemberment policy for any Local 480 member. Members also have the option to increase this policy amount to $10,000 for a very small additional fee. If a member decides to pay for the increase to 10K, the Local has offered to reimburse this fee.

Help Hotlines:

IATSE Safety Hotline




United Way of Central New Mexico’s 2-1-1 hotline offers a broad range of information and referrals to people in need of help.

Just dial 2-1-1 now or click here to go to the web page.




Assistance with Mortgage & Car Loans

The Local 480 office has a letter designed to assist lenders in understanding how film technicians earn a living. We will prepare a copy personalized to any individual member who is trying to get a loan for a mortgage or a vehicle.

We have also partnered with Group Mortgage Benefits, which provides a package of discounts and assistance for members seeking mortgage loans. Contact the office for more information.

Reimbursement for Training that Furthers Skills in Your Craft

For members who would like to further their knowledge and skills within their craft:

the Local will reimburse 80% of costs expended to attend training that does so, up to a maximum of $599/member/year.

For members that would like to organize a class to be offered to other members:

The Local does not offer many craft-specific training classes, but will cover costs up to $600/class if a member wants to organize a craft-specific class him/herself.

Assistance with Financial Obligations to Local 480

Local 480’s current Secretary Treasurer will enter into payment arrangements with any member who cannot pay his/her balance with the Local in full. If the member complies with the terms of the payment plan, the Local will not add any late fees to the member’s account and the member will not be at risk of expulsion.

Deep Local 480 Merchandise Discounts

The Local will reimburse any member up to $50/year for the purchase of apparel or other gear with the Local’s logo on it.

Stamp & Rebate Program

For many years, the Local has offered a unique benefit to members who have no outstanding financial obligation to the Local as of Nov. 30 of each year. For those members, based on the amount of work assessments received by the Local during the previous 12 months on each member’s behalf, the Local will cover the cost of some or all of the next year’s quarterly dues stamps and, if enough work assessments were received for a member, will return a cash rebate to the member based on the amount of work assessments received.

As far as we’re aware, Local 480 is the only IATSE local which offers a program to give some dues back to its members.

Assistance with Obtaining Unemployment

The Local routinely verifies the membership and standing of any member with the Department of Workforce Solutions whenever a member files a claim for unemployment insurance. As a union member, you aren’t subject to the same job-search requirements that other unemployment claimants are.

Dealing with Workforce Solutions can be a frustrating and lengthy process. But, as a union member, it can be a little easier.

Hotel & Rental Car Discounts

The Local has agreements with three hotels in Santa Fe and one in Albuquerque for discounted rates to members.

The Local also has an agreement with Budget Rentals for discounted car rental rates to members.

Getaway Motel Offer

The Local owns a motel/apartment complex in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, a destination boasting numerous soaking hot springs. Members and their families can stay at the complex for only the cost of cleaning the rooms. For more information, call (575) 740-7458.