What Does Joining the Local Mean?

For all intents and purposes, joining Local 480 is a lifelong commitment. Once you are a member, you are responsible for paying quarterly membership dues (whether or not you are working) and 4% work dues when you work on a union contracted production (whether or not they are deducted from your paycheck).

The Union represents professional technicians who work below-the-line in these specific crafts on film and television productions. The Local will not find work for you, but will provide information about what jobs are available.

While there are different avenues to receive an application to join the Local, everyone who does not have experience starts the process by registering for an Overflow account.

If you are member of another local and wish to dual card, your registration process starts below.

If you are a member of another IATSE Local and wish to transfer your membership, click on the button below to start your registrations.

If you were once a member of Local 480 and wish to reinstate your membership, just log in to your account and click “reinstate membership” on the left-hand side.