Joining as a Dual Card or Transfer

If you are a member of another IATSE local and wish to join as a Dual Card or Transfer, your path to membership starts below.

Once we receive the required paperwork, application, forms, etc., you will become a member of Local 480.

When you join more than one IATSE local at a time, this is commonly referred-to as a “dual-card” membership.

When you’re a member of another “studio mechanics” local, like Local 480, you already meet our membership requirement. The process of joining in this scenario is simple and quick. In fact, this is the only joining procedure with which an astute and observant person can become a full member on the same day their application is returned. The Initiation Fee is $800 and if you volunteer up to 8 hours within a year of joining (either with Local 480 or a 501(c)3 organization), your account will be credited at the Journeyman rate.


Transferring your membership from a different IATSE studio mechanics local is very easy. Along with registering an account, you must request that your current local send us a transfer card, which is an official IA document. You should also download, fill out, and return the Local 480 information sheet and Request for Waiver of the Residency Requirement forms (you’ll see them on the landing page after you register your account). The transfer fee is $50.