SHOUT OUT! August 6, 2017

Sunday Shout Out , August 6,  2017

Member Laila Weeks is having a gallery opening of her work next Friday, August 11th at Exhibit 208, at 208 Broadway SE in ABQ.  The opening is Friday from 5-9pm and the show runs Aug. 11 – Sept. 2nd.  from  The link to the gallery is:

Congratulations to Laila! We hope you can make it out to support her and view her work.

A description of the show:

It’s 2017, and here we are, humans on planet Earth.  But we’re also humans plugged in, humans connected to one another on a scale heretofore unimaginable.  We sleep with phones in our beds and wonder about emails that might not have come off as we had intended.  US presidents tweet.  Communication has obviously changed.  How we understand ourselves in our world has changed.  How we think about our world itself has changed.  Digital experiences affect physical experiences.  Some knowledge, once imbibed, forever affects all other knowledge that comes after it.  This is one facet of my recent paintings.  I’m looking at humanity in the digital era while painting with a physical brush.  We live in two worlds.  I am looking, noticing, and not ever able to pass judgement.  In some ways I feel that the changes that we have collectively experienced are akin to a loss of innocence.  On the other hand, they may amount to a right of passage.  I look with wonder, amazement, confusion, disgust, trepidation, and always amusement at our moment in time.

As always, my work deals with extremes, dualities, dichotomies, harmonies, and contradictions.  The human experience is dynamic, varied, surprising, and incomprehensible.  How strange. How magnificent.

Laila Weeks