FAQ: Account Registration

Unfortunately, no.

Our contract with the International dictates which specific crafts are covered within our jurisdiction. If your craft isn’t on our list, it may be covered by a different union – or not covered by a contract at all.

Yes. In order to join, you must be at least 18 years of age. This applies to both union membership and the Overflow List.

Once you register an account and are verified, we will send a letter to the IA in New York, requesting permission to reinstate you. Within a week or two, they will send back a letter, informing us how much is owed in back dues.

If you are reinstating from an Honorable Withdrawal, the most you will owe in back dues is 8 quarters. You must pay at least $200 at the time of reinstatement with the expectation that you will pay the full amount within 6 months of your first payment. If you have not made payments in over 6 months, you may be removed from the roster and placed back on Honorable Withdrawal.

If you were expelled, you will owe the IA all back dues from the time of expulsion. The 480 puts a cap on  back dues owed the local at $800. There is also a $200 reinstatement fee. You will be expected to pay at least 1/2 of the monies owed at the time of reinstatement and will owe the full amount within 6 months of your first payment. If you have not made payments in over 6 months, you may be removed from the roster and placed back on expulsion.

In order to be listed as a Studio Teacher/Welfare Worker, we must have a valid copy of your New Mexico teaching credentials on file (Substitute teaching credentials are not acceptable). You will upload that information with the other required items when you register for an overflow account.

While you are a member for life, failure on the part of any member to pay any financial obligation to this Local within sixty days after same became payable shall result in such member being automatically declared not in good standing.

If such default continues for a period of more than six months from the date that the financial obligation first became payable, the member shall be sent a certified letter stating that he or she has ten days to clear his or her financial debt. This certified letter shall be sent to the last known address for the member and shall include a detailed statement of all monies owed and the dates on which they became payable. Should the member fail to respond and/or clear his or her obligation in the time allotted, the member shall be deemed automatically expelled unless they have been granted an extension of time to pay by vote of the Executive Board.

In the majority of cases, your letters of recommendation do not need to come from union members; they can be from any source of your choosing.

But, when applying for membership under some special circumstances, one of your letters may need to come from a union member. You will be alerted if this is required of you.

IATSE Local 480 covers a specific list of common, below-the-line crafts within the film and television industry. We are able to cover these crafts because jurisdiction over them was granted to us by our parent organization, the IATSE International Alliance (IA). If what you do isn’t on the list of covered crafts, then we don’t have the authority to represent you.

There are a great many crafts on a set that aren’t covered by Local 480. Some aren’t covered by an IATSE contract. And some, like Production Assistant (PA), aren’t covered by any union at all.

Similar NM Union Locals in Which You May be Interested:

IATSE Local 423 Stagehands — For back-stage workers in theater, concert, and other live entertainment.

SAG/AFTRA NM — Actors and Background

Teamsters Local 492 — For anyone whose job is driving.

Also see FAQ: What is “the International?”

We allow members to request to go by a different name than their legal one. To request an alternate name, use the Request Alternate Name form.

See Also:

I can’t find my buddy – or she can’t find me – on the roster.

The only thing to tell them is to go to the web site. Everything they need to know is there. The whole process is done online, so calling or stopping by the office will not help them.


Local 480 requires a current and valid New Mexico Driver’s License to become a member.

Please check your New Mexico Driver’s License against the following requirements to make sure that it works for us.

Requirements for your current and valid New Mexico Driver’s License:

  • MUST be a Driver’s License.
  • MUST be a New Mexico Driver’s License.
  • MUST be a current, valid New Mexico Driver’s License.

Some things that are NOT your current and valid New Mexico Driver’s License and therefore will not work whatsoever:

  • A state ID card.
  • A license from a state that is not New Mexico.
  • An expired New Mexico Driver’s License.

There isn’t a person who can break this rule. In other words, there has never been and there never will be an exception to this rule.

All user registrations submitted with anything other than a current and valid New Mexico Driver’s License will be deleted. You will be notified and you will have to re-submit your registration with a current and valid New Mexico Driver’s License.